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Are You Scale-Obsessed?

Do you have a scale at home? Is it in the bathroom next to the shower? Do you step on it every time you get in or out of the shower? If this is you, stop it! Stop weighing yourself every time you get in the shower. In fact, you should only be weighing yourself once a week. Here’s what the deal is with weighing every day.

The body holds water depending on several factors. The amount of water you consume daily might change, therefore, your body weight may change depending on how much you drank the day before. Additionally, food holds water, and your body weight may fluctuate based on what type of food you ate during the day. Women need to pay attention to their cycles, too. Close to the end of your cycle, your weight may be up due to additional water retention prior to the start of your period.

What about your workouts? When you workout during the day may play a part in the number you see on the scale. For example, going for a run in the middle of the afternoon several hours after you ate lunch during the heat of the day will most definitely play a part in what the scale says. It will most likely be several pounds lighter than the day before.

It's important to understand these little changes your body makes from day to day. So, when should I weigh? Weighing yourself weekly at the same time every week is the best policy. You should weigh at the same time, fasted, and naked. Get an app or journal to record your prog

ress. Remember to make note of how you’re feeling, changes in your health, and your eating habits.

If you find yourself getting obsessed with weighing every day, it may be time to put the scale in the closet or cabinet. Take advantage of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind theory and only pull out the scale when your weekly check-in comes around. For me, I weigh every Wednesday morning before breakfast or coffee. I use the Renpho digital scale and app, available on Amazon.

For more tips on weight management or staying away from the numbers on the scale, send me a message. I am happy to discuss your personal weight management goals with you.

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