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Set Goals, not Resolutions

13 Goals to Accomplish in 2019

It’s 2019. I cannot believe it! How did it get here so fast? So, Happy New Year – it’s new resolutiongoal time! That’s right! I crossed out resolution. There are plenty of people who plan their New Year’s resolutions, and a good majority of those people will stick with those resolutions for about three weeks, if that. Gyms are packed in January and empty by the end of February. Resolutions to eat better last less than a week, and old eating habits creep back in without any awareness to what’s going on. It’s easy to let old habits get in the way of good intentions (aka resolutions).

Personal development leaders teach setting goals instead of resolutions at the beginning of the year. Writing your goals down makes the goals more tangible; writing your goals down as if they have already happened is the sure-fire way to make them come to fruition. So, why would you set ‘resolutions’ that you will forget about in less than six weeks when you can write goals down that you really want to accomplish.

Let’s get started.

1) A new fitness goal –

Are you surprised that this is the first goal on my list?! Fitness, or getting in shape, is usually the first ‘resolution’ on a lot of people’s list at the beginning of the new year. Instead of focusing on getting in shape, focus on setting a goal that you can chunk down into smaller more manageable goals and then feel like a mega badass when you hit the big goal.

Do you want to try a new running race? What about a race series? New distance? Ever thought about trying a fitness competition? Are you brave enough for a Spartan Race?

There are so many ways to stretch your fitness goals. Two years ago, I was tired of the status quo of what I thought was ‘in-shape’ for me. I currently quite shake off those 5 pounds I thought I needed to get rid of. I tried all kinds of things – intermittent fasting, no carbs, running more, but nothing seemed to work. I was working out regularly but didn’t see the results I thought I wanted. I decided to head into a local nutrition shop for some additional pointers and ended up signing up for a bikini competition a couple of weeks later. Nine weeks later, I was on stage in Tahoe at my very first bikini competition, scared shaking. But, I did it! It sparked a new love in my fitness life, and I signed up for another competition the following year. I won my class at the show!

2) Get creative –

Have you ever wanted to write a book? What about starting a blog? Maybe videos are your thing? Or, are you the visual artist type? Whatever gets the creative juices flowing for you, you should do more of this year.

I made three categories of goals for 2019, and one of these categories is to create. Under this category, I have written out six goals that I want to accomplish this year. No, I’m not going to share all of them with you, but I will disclose that I want to write consistent blog posts at least twice a month. I will also share that I am in the process of writing a fitness book. These are the first two goals on my 2019 creative goals list.

How are you going to get creative? If you are an artist, get yourself a new sketch pad and new pens or pencils. If you are more of a movement type person, like a dancer, join a new dance troop. Maybe you want to try your hand songwriting. Whatever you want to do, do it! The sky is the limit for getting creative.

3) Get personal 1.0 –

Okay. This is a big topic. And because it’s a big topic, this is the first of many personal goals on this list. One of the first personal goals I wrote down this year was too personal to share yet. So, instead I will share another personal goal on my list – continuing my personal growth journey. I recently started using Audible, and why it took me so long to start using it is beyond me. I am obsessed. I used to listen to the news and pump-up songs in the car. Now, I occasionally listen to the news and music while I drive. My car is now my mobile education unit. Everywhere I drive I listen to motivational podcasts and entrepreneurial audio books on Audible. Best investment in myself! I love driving because every time I go anywhere, I learn something new about business or how to improve myself personally. It’s so rewarding. If you have never tried Audible, I recommend starting with Girl, Wash Your Face.

4) Start speaking in front of people –

What is your story? Everyone has a story. Someone said to me on social media recently, “I enjoy following you during your journey and watching your story.” Then, just as quickly as this was posted, another friend asked me what my journey was, since she and I had just been talking about stories people share from stage. Many speakers have incredible stories to share and these stories are what draws the crowd in. Some speak about their weight loss journey. Others discuss how they overcame trauma in their past. Many keynote speakers talk about how they went from zero to millionaire on their own.

My story is not particularly interesting or compelling, but it’s mystory. Every day I am writing my story – here on the blogs, in the gym, at the office, at home and in my community. Somewhere, someday, someone will connect with my story. Same with you! Someone will connect with your story. It is up to you to tell it.

5) Stretch out of your comfort zone –


I let out a giant sigh and grimace comes across my face.

I do not like change and love my comfort zone. This year will push me passed my comfort zone more than I expect. This is both a prediction and a hope, even though I hate change. I guess I get this from my mom; we both take a long time making decisions, whether big or small. The reason for this, I assume, is that we both don’t like getting outside of our comfort zones.

There are so many ways you can stretch out of your comfort zone. I plan to develop my on-screen presence with new fitness videos and educational videos. I hope these videos find their way to you and you give me all your feedback – good and bad. I don’t want to do it, for real! But it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

6) Make money in new ways –

Residual income. Passive income. New businesses.

This is one of my focuses this year. Many people have income goals, and I am no stranger to setting income goals. The 9-5 gig is not really thing. I would get way too bored. That’s why I have always had multiple jobs and why I have started multiple businesses. It’s also why this year, one of my goals is to make money in new ways.

7) Get personal 2.0 –

As I get older, I find I wanted to travel less and less. Maybe this is because I love my house and love hanging out with my fur babies – Lotus and Carhartt. Leaving my comfortable house just doesn’t sound fun. This might fall under the getting out of my comfort zone goal, too, but I want to travel more this year. I want to go to places like Canada, Mexico, and some states other than California and Oregon, like Arizona, Texas, and Hawaii. I even updated my passport (finally!) so that I could travel out of the country. I hope I can achieve at least one travel destination goal this year.

8) Meet new friends –

Have you heard the phrase, “You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around.” It’s true. I have great friends, and I look forward to making more new friends this year. I want friends who have accomplished more than I have in business, personal growth, and fitness.

9) Release people who do not serve your purpose –

The opposite of making new friends is releasing those who do not serve your purpose. There have been times in my life where conflict ensued to the point where just thinking about seeing someone gave me enormous anxiety. I like making new friends, and I like making other people around me happy. One thing I refuse to surrender to is allowing others to make me suffer for their happiness. It’s just not okay!

If you have someone in your life that sucks the energy and happiness from your being, it may be time to let them go. It could be a family member or a long-time friend, which makes this that much harder. In the short-term, it will feel like a burden to release them from your life. I have had to do this twice in my life. These people served no positive purpose in my life but to bring me down. I refuse to allow others to dictate my happiness.

10) Join a mastermind –

Simply speaking, a mastermind is a group of like-minded people coming together regularly to support and build each other’s goals and dreams. There can be two people in the group or 20 people. However many are in the group you join, be sure that you are 100 percent supportive. This does not mean you agree all the time. The point of the mastermind group is to provide solutions to problems in a mutual way for the overall improvement of each person in the group. It is a space where individuals can deconstruct problems and put them back together. Each person gets some sort of benefit in the process.

The mastermind group becomes an important cog in your business and personal development. It is an accountability group, a connection with like-minded individuals, a place to solve problems, a forum for voicing concerns and new developments, a space to grow and learn, and where we can reflect and reach new levels.

I have been a part of a few mastermind groups over the years. I am in a group with one other individual right now, and can say with full conviction, that it is this accountability and wisdom I get from our meetings that has brought me to where I am today. I can also add that the continuance of this mastermind will help push me to greater heights professionally and personally in the future. (Thanks, Amy!)

11) Pick a word of the year –

I am sure many of you have heard of this already. Pick a word for the year. This word should be your guiding force for everything you do during the year. I have neglected to do this in the past, so to make up for it, this year I ended up picking two words for the year:

Influence. Intentional.

I want to create more influence around me. I want to be more influential. This means you will see more of me and what is happening in my business. You will see more of what I am doing to increase my personal growth.

I also want to be more intentional in every moment. I have been listening to High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard on Audible. Brendon talks about being intentional and creative triggers to help you as you move from one task to another. This also works for moving from work to home. For example, when getting home from work, take five breaths in your car before you head inside to be with your spouse. Allow yourself time to check in with yourself so that when you go inside, you are operating at full intentionality for your other half. It also works at the office. When sitting down at your desk, take five breaths and ask yourself, “Who needs me to be on my A-game right now?” Intentional! Check out Brendon’s book for more awesome ways to be intentional.

12) Stop making excuses and get real –

Really! Get really real with yourself!

Why set goals if you’re going to make excuses not to hit those goals? If you need an extra nudge to not quit on yourself, hire a coach or join a mastermind. Maybe you just need an accountability partner – someone to go to the gym or go run with you. Sign up for the race; now, you know what to shoot for and you’re not aimlessly wandering through the days. Making excuses is procrastination. Frankly, I am tired of being a procrastinator. It stresses me out! Isn’t it so much easier to just go do the thing you promised yourself you were going to do?! YES! Don’t you feel better after completing your training or finishing the task you said you were going to do? If you don’t have time to finish what you started, set out a new plan to really get it done. (See above for tips to finish, and repeat until you’ve got it down.)

13) Get personal 3.0 –

In another life, I attended conferences at least once a year. It has been a long time since I had to rush of getting together with like-minded people to lift each other up, personally and professionally. This year I want to do it again! I have set the goal to attend one personal growth conference. I want to get away for a weekend with other people who want to get inspired and achieve greatness on new levels. I have big goals, and I am going to need some help getting there. I am also going to need the additional motivation to keep going. Let’s face it. Sometimes, we get tired and it can be challenging to always be the cheerleader and see the positive in difficult situations. Enlisting a tribe around you is a great way to keep forging forward to hit your goals.

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