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Yummy (yes, yummy!) Roasted Brussels sprouts with Bacon

Boring Brussels Sprouts?

Okay! I know that Brussels sprouts are not everyone's favorites. In fact, I am willing to put money down that the majority of people on this earth do not like them. I love them, but only if they are cooked just right. Just right, you say? Yes! Just right. I would bet that even my husband would eat these Brussels sprouts. Maybe.

My favorite way to cook Brussels sprouts is to add bacon to the pan while roasting. The flavor is amazing! Mouth-watering, even. Don't judge the Brussels sprouts until you have tried this. Like I said, maybe my husband would take a stab of his fork at these sprouts, but the jury is still out.

I love to cook good green veggies en masse, and this recipe is no different. Cooking this way ensures that I have plenty of leftovers for at least of couple of days throughout the rest of the week. One way to keep on track for healthy eating is to make sure you have enough of the good stuff around. One way to sabotage your healthy eating is failing to plan. When you're in a hurry, it is nice knowing that you can easily grab something pre-packaged (by you!) out of the fridge that is on your meal plan.

Pretty much any green veggie is good for you. The darker the better. Brussels sprouts are loaded with goodness. And when you add bacon! Oh, man! Heaven.

Brussels sprouts are a good source of fiber (2 g per half cup cooked serving) and packed with good vitamins, like vitamin K. The veggie is also loaded with antioxidants to help you fight diseases, including cancer. Plus, you are going to get a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which could help with weight management and reduce inflammation. So much goodness!!

But, if you hate the taste, you need to try cooking them this way. This is my all-time favorite way to make yummy, yummy Brussels sprouts.

I start by lining a roasting pan with aluminum foil. This helps tremendously with cleanup. Then, I cut the roots off the sprouts and cut them in half, arranging them on the bottom of the pan. Then, I take the top of the roasting pan and cover the sprouts. This is where I am going to put the bacon.

Check it out.

Bacon covers the Brussels sprouts in the roasting pan

You can easily roast any where between 375 and 425. I chose to roast this batch at 400 degrees. After about 15 minutes, I flipped the bacon and roasted for another 10-15 minutes. The juicy grease from the bacon is now covering the Brussels sprouts below giving them an awesome taste. I used naturally smoked applewood bacon. It's got a good pepper taste to it.

Once I take the pan out of the oven, I cut up one or two strips of bacon and mix with the Brussels sprouts. And, viola! Yummy Brussels sprouts. I even saved a piece of two of bacon in a separate container for breakfasts for a couple of days. During this batch of meal prep, I ended up with delicious marinated baked chicken and cauliflower rice for dinner and some for leftovers. Win-win!!

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