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Distractions and how to embrace them

Not gonna lie, I was distracted getting this post written.

Carhartt Puppy

Carhartt is such a sweet puppy. She is a rescue mix terrier breed dog who has so much energy. She's hard to keep up with. As a terrier, she has a touch of what I call, 'bright, shiny object' syndrome, or doggy ADD. Everything is exciting and new for her, even if she has seen it dozens of times before. This brings me to the core of this post.

How I keep getting distracted

I have a tendency to have really great ideas and maybe start working on them, and maybe not. I often been told I connect with dogs. How do the two connect?

I believe I have a touch of the bright, shiny object syndrome that plagues our new puppy.

We found with Carhartt that the key is giving her lots of toys and chews. When she has something to do, she is less apt to destroy the drip lines in the backyard for the umpteenth time. She's bored, and seeing something new is exciting, like seeing a squirrel! She also needs lots of attention. Hmmmm, who does that remind me of? Oh yeah, me. (Damn, that's hard to admit.)

Just sit down and do it!

Planning to plan and adopting more focus.

I have been known to be a planner, sometimes every little detail to the minute. This is helpful for event coordination, setting deadlines for work and school, and hitting fitness goals. More recently though, I have discovered my lack of mental planning (that is, planning for my mental well-being) has led to more distractions than I care to admit. For example, as the title of this post suggests, I did just about everything I could before actually writing. The puppy added an extra bit of fun here, too.

My goal with this blog is to help others understand that there will never be a perfect time to sit down and write. There will never be a perfect time to do anything, really. But, if getting the information out means planning out when I will write and what I am going to write about, it needs to be done. I plan out workouts for my personal training clients. Why would this be any different? In other words, write out a plan, stick to it, and goals will be met.

Plans are inert and useless, without sufficient power to translate them into action. ~Napoleon Hill

Next steps.

One of my favorite books on success is Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. I have gone back to this book many times when I felt like I was off track or needed some inspiration for my next steps. Inspiration often comes during workouts. It's amazing how exercise helps stimulate inspiration. Why not write!? Why not share your experiences, no matter how embarrassing those experiences were?! This week's inspiration to get blogging again came during a personal training session with one of my clients.

What I hope transpires is the formation of a mastermind group. Napoleon Hill describes the mastermind as the bringing together of two or more people to coordinate knowledge and effort in a harmonious way such that goals and purposes can be attained. I certainly look forward to the potential of a mastermind group and hope that others reading this look into forming a mastermind of their very own. The energy formed from such an alliance will create great things. Of course, there is also the accountability and assistance to remain focused on achievement, not to mention the positive energetic emotions that form when two or more like-minded people come together. I am truly looking to forward to more focus.

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